The constant flow of time and change is something Nick finds fascinating, but also ultimately frightening and bewildering. These canvases acknowledge and embrace the process of change which we’re all inevitably caught up in.

Various tools are used to distress the canvas. Meanwhile, the surface is stained through exposure to layer after layer of charcoal and graphite and water. Different parts of the canvas are protected from this ageing process at different times, allowing an image to slowly materialise. They are the outcome of a process which simultaneously creates and destroys: as the canvas is worn, the image reveals itself, giving Nick the satisfying ability to subvert the flow of time. Nick's control is not absolute, however: his chaotic approach to mark-making allows the materials themselves to influence the final result.

The forms which appear on the canvas are selected by Nick through an intuitive and gradual process of elimination. He is drawn to decorative motifs found in the domestic sphere: patterns on wallpaper, bed linen and porcelain, for example. These motifs hint at a darkness found beneath the surface of everyday living and the horror of the living room.